Dear guest, the Witte court(yard) will do all the best to form the stay so pleasantly to you as possible. Also belongs to it that you should exactly know which achievements(performances) we produce and which obligations(liabilities) you have to us towards. Please, follow, therefore, our general terms of business which form the basis of the contractual relationship:


1. The general terms of business regulate the contractual relationship between you and us and are valid(apply) from you with your reservation(entry) as approved. Furthermore the regulations(determinations) of the guest admission contract of the German hotel and restaurants association of (DeHoGa) use(application) find.


2. The general debt right of the Civil Code is to be applied(exercised) beside §§70 following of the civil law code (Civil Code) to accomodation contracts. The contract(treaty) cannot be solved(loosened) unilaterally.


3. The accomodation contract is concluded(closed), as soon as room, rooms(three-dimensionality), other(further) ones
Deliveries and achievements(performances) are ordered(appointed) and are promised or, if an assent for time reasons was not possible any more, has been provided.


4. The end(conclusion) of the accomodation contract obliges the contracting partners to the fulfilment of the contract(treaty). The contract(treaty) can be discontinued only for important reason.


5. The reservation data are binding for both parties to a contract.


6. Aloof rooms are available to the guest on the journey day from 16.00 o'clock or in arrangement also earlier(formerly) and must be removed on the departure day till 11.00 o'clock.


7. If a customer takes contractual achievements(performances) which he had ordered(appointed) beforehand or had booked,
not from, so he remains to the payment of the agreed price by the following height obliged: for a cancellation between the 30th and 21st day before the agreed achievement period 10% of the ordered(appointed) achievements(performances), from 20 days to 14 days before: 30%, from 13 days to 7 days before: 60%, from 6 days before: 80%, with nonappearance, refusal on the day before or untimely demolition(abort) of the respective reservation(entry): 100%. With rooms not taken up by the customers the renter has to credit the income(takings) from other(further) renting of the rooms as well as the saved expenditures. The proof stays empty to the customer that no damage(harm) originated or the renter resulted damage(harm) lower than the demanded all-inclusive is.


8. Paying the calculation is due at the latest with departure. The renter is entitled to require pre-payment or to put intercalculations.


9. The tenant sticks(guarantees) for all damages by Himself are caused. The same one is also valid(applies) for spots in bedclothes, walls or grounds. The tenant is to be announced obliged resulted damages to the renter immediately.Eine decrease of the room occurs(takes place) with extract through the renter.


10.1. For money and valuables it is not stuck(guaranteed).


10.2. With loss / damage of the room key we calculate(charge) 50€.


10.3. The guest / tenant acquires no claim(demand) to supply of concrete and certain rooms or rooms(three-dimensionality) in spite of order(appointment). Should agreed rooms(three-dimensionality) not be available, the company(operation) is obliged to take care of equivalent substitute(replacement) in the house.


11. The ineffectiveness of single regulations(determinations) of these Terms and Conditions does not touch the validity(legal force) of the remaining regulations(determinations). Instead of an ineffective regulation(determination) an effective regulation(settlement) very coming close to her(their) economic salary(content) steps. Same(Like) is valid(applies) for any(possible) contract gaps. The correction of mistakes, in particular from write errors or arithmetic mistakes in written offers, confirmations or prospectuses of the renter, is left. Divergences(Deviations) and additional agreements must be held on in writing.

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